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New motion videos from all around the world are shared every day by Kinomap contributors. Join the growing community of Kinomap movie makers and train from home on your cycling or fitness equipment using this immersive content.

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1 record a motion video
2 publish, share and browse videos online
3 train indoors using Kinomap apps


I use a variety of programs frankly and truly enjoy the differences between. Most of the VR programs are not live photos/video and in that Kino is way ahead of the game! I think more in race video courses would be desirable to customers. Feeling like one is in a real pro race is the ultimate cycling fantasy! Matt L.
Excellent work on the new feature releases guys! I rode one of my sunny Perth rides last week and really found myself transported back in time to when I took the video over there. Shane M.
Thanks team, a great example of how application support should work; rapidly, with excellent communication and customer focus. Dan F.

104 930 km to explore

Browse among the 104 930 km of motion videos shared from all around the world and find the best one for you to run, cycle or row.



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