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Enjoy the best of your bike, spinning bike , elliptical , treadmill or i.Concept by BH XKIT of PAFERS . Choose from the geotagged video Kinomap and go ! Look forward your icon on the map and the altitude graph: your goal is to keep pace with the original video .

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Demo videos

Playlists selection

Keyword search

Filter search by distance, duration, average positive slope, quality

Map / location search

Universal app

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Android smartphones and tablets

Portrait and landscape modes

on tablets and external monitors
on tablets and external monitors (you can switch while you train)

Simulation engine implementation (1)

Resume activity

Multi device sync of activity history

Export activity history as files

Via email: PWX, TCX, GPX, CSV
Via Android export feature: TCX, GPX

External display

Using Airplay, HDMI
Using Chromecast, HDMI

Offline mode

Additional sensors (heart rate, cadence, power)



Public race and contests modes

Auto upload of activity history to 3rd party websites

Strava, Training Peaks, Selfloops, Runkeeper, Facebook


BH Fitness i.Concept and Dual Kit


(1) The Kinomap simulation engine relies on the raw power produced by your equipment, along with your physical characteristics (weight, frontal area) and the slope of the road, to determine your actual simulated speed. It avoids to rely on a specific manufacturer engine and allows better inter-equipment comparison
(2) Computer as a gateway required
(3) Such as Stages pedals, etc
(4) Such as Vector Pedals, Powertap hubs, etc
(5) The raw speed is taken from the sensor and a calculation based on the resistance chosen manually by the user is done. The app indicates the user to change to different levels of resistance during the training. List as of July 2015: liste ici à aller chercher....
(6) Note that the models from Samsung and Sony after June 2014 are most of the time ANT capable


Download BH by Kinomap for free on the App Store and Google Play. Subscribe directly within the app or through this website.

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